Tiffany frances

"It is the power of memory that gives rise to the power of imagination" - Akira Kurosawa

Tiffany Frances started gaining interest in filmmaking in her undergraduate program at UCSD. There, she gained a deep appreciation of avant-garde and experimental films, and was heavily influenced by her Professor Jean Pierre Gorin, who was part of the French New Wave movement. She would study every element in a film frame by frame, thinking about film in a conceptual, theoretical way. Her graduate program, Art Center College of Design’s Masters Directing Track, was the opposite – it was practical and also emphasized how to execute film as a product to sell. It was during this time that her visual identity and style as a filmmaker began to develop. She moved to New York City and quickly learned the ropes of the independent filmmaking world on the East Coast.​

Her background working as a Photographer, Casting Director,​ Editor, and Producer on many commercials and music videos have made her a well-rounded director. Her personal work has entered several festivals and won multiple awards, and has been featured in publications such as Paper Magazine, The Fader, i-D Magazine, among others. 


Her passions lie in writing female stories in interesting ways, thinking about sustainable solutions in beauty and fashion, spearheading a community garden, surfing and traveling, and taking portraits of the people she loves. She also composes music as Porcelain Skyline.


In her film work, she is committed to bringing a voice to women, the underrepresented, and those in need. She believes strongly in contributing to the Asian American community; more specifically, highlighting Taiwanese American stories. She loves bringing new, fresh ideas come to life visually, and challenges herself to think about film in avant-garde styles; thereby enjoys working with different mediums, from Super8mm to high end digital cinema cameras. Her work expands across all genres; from branded content, music video, fashion film, and narrative.